My Gluten Free Pantry Staples

A Minimalist List


Since my celiac diagnosis in 2004, I’ve reduced the gluten-free specialty products I keep on hand in my pantry.

In the beginning, I felt overwhelmed with the prices of gluten-free specialty foods. But I soon realized that a few basic products met my needs AND made my wallet happier. All I need are the items on my list below – then I add fruits, vegetables and proteins to round out meals and snacks. I did not include brand names, since there are so many to select from on the market.

Occasionally, I enjoy trying new products as well!

My Bare Bones List of Gluten-Free Staples

bright green pencil writing lines on a note pad

GF all-purpose flour

GF pancake and baking mix

GF bread – I honestly keep bread in the freezer for freshness but some people keep it in a pantry or bread drawer so I included it for a pantry item

GF cereals and GF oats

GF broth/bouillon – chicken, beef, vegetable

GF brown rice pasta – various forms like spaghetti, elbow and ziti

GF soy sauce replacement – aminos in liquid form like wheat-free soy or coconut

GF pretzels

GF granola bars – If I need to quickly grab a to-go snack for my purse


Other items in my pantry are mainstream staples and products that I verify do not contain gluten. These include essentials like rices, various sweeteners, oils, and canned goods.

Each package label is eyeballed for gluten ingredients before I purchase them. This is an important task because ingredients and processing can change. You’d be surprised at the number of manufacturers I’ve contacted over the years about a questionable product!

If you shop for groceries online and the site provides expanded image views of the product, trust the product image ingredient list, not the text description of the product on the page.

blue hand-held  magnifying glass

Because it is so important, I will repeat this again – EVERY label must be checked EACH time, because ingredients can change from one purchase to the next.

My final suggestion is that you create a designated space in the pantry for gluten-free products. This has worked well for me over the years.